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Is there an explicit relation between the degree of self-disclosure and popularity on Facebook?

How the audience reacts to different type of content posted?

Is self-promoting on SNS a predictor of hedonic consumption?

Can brand and location affiliations increase popularity on the online environment?

I conducted various types of scientific research in order to find answers to all these questions. I used experiments, surveys, content analysis and also interviews. The information collected provided valuable data regarding what self-presentation strategies are being used on social media. Also, results showed how this is related with the buying behavior of users.

The results of the research are beneficial in advertising and psychology fields. Influencers can improve their strategy in creating, increasing and maintaining their community. Patterns found on demographic data can be valuable for companies when segmenting the target audience. Furthermore, it offers clues on how individuals are gratifying their needs through social media use. It also shows how self-presentation is influencing buying decisions. Theories of brand and location affiliations on social network, were also supported.

Above all, the framework can be easily replicated and personalized based on certain marketing or psychology goals.

Published in Studia UBB Ephemerides, vol. 63, issue no. 2, December 2018, p. 65-89
This research was designed to collect and analyze information about how self-promotion on social network is related with the buying behavior of users. 
Published in Communication Challenges in the Eve of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, p. 59-71, Cluj University Press UBB Cluj
Presented at the 6th edition of the International Students’ Conference On Communication – “Communication Challenges in the Eve of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution” 26-27 April 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
This research is an experiment of exploratory nature to test strategies of self-promoting. It aims to find if the degree of self-disclosure can influence the engagement of an audience on Facebook. Is direct self-disclosure more effective than indirect self-disclosure in gaining fame on Facebook?