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Self disclosure as a self-promoting tool on Facebook

Self disclosure

Look: It’s me, myself and I! Self disclosure as a self-promoting tool on Facebook Published in Communication Challenges in the Eve of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, p. 59-71, Cluj University Press UBB Cluj Presented at International Students’ Conference on Communication (ISCC) 6th edition, 26-27 april 2018, Cluj-Napoca Abstract: Humans need to feel loved, respected and part […]

Research and publications

scientific research Cora Lupas

Is there an explicit relation between the degree of self-disclosure and popularity on Facebook? How the audience reacts to different type of content posted? Is self-promoting on SNS a predictor of hedonic consumption? Can brand and location affiliations increase popularity on the online environment? I conducted various types of scientific research in order to find […]

The other side of the experiment

The other side of the experiment - Cora Lupas

The other side of the experiment I’m passively consuming Facebook daily. I post a few times a month, mostly music, or photos with nature or my dog. Sometimes, I share personal information such as pictures/videos with me or check-ins. This way, Facebook will be remembering me what happened in the past years. I really love […]

Hedonic consumption as a tool for self-promoting behavior on Social Network Platforms

hedonic consumption social media Cora Lupas

I have, I post therefore I am! Hedonic consumption as a tool for self-promoting behavior on Social Network Platforms Published in Studia UBB Ephemerides, vol. 63, issue no. 2, December 2018, p. 65-89 co-author: Lecturer PhD Meda Mucundorfeanu Abstract: Research shows that people are associating themselves with material objects and places and use them in order to achieve […]

The experiment

The experiment - Cora Lupas

The experiment Why am I using social network sites? Have you ever asked yourself? Think of your favorite social media platform and answer the questions: Why do you use it? How do you use it? Who is your virtual self? Let’s talk about who are you. Like me, you are an individual trying to achieve […]

Croaziere.net – Digital marketing

Croaziere.net – Digital marketing For three months (Aug-Oct 2017) I have collaborated with Croaziere.net. As marketing specialist, I collected all the information necessary in order to make an evaluation of the company, in terms of external communication and marketing strategy. I have analyzed data regarding the traffic on the website, the presence on media, as […]

Lotys Shop – Online communication

Lotys Shop - Digital marketing - Cora Lupas

Lotys Shop – Online communication Company:  Lotys Shop Industry: eCommerce Duration: November 2018 – April 2019 Tasks: social media management, Facebook and Instagram ads, writing blog articles, SEO, website content management, image editing, graphic design Tools:  WordPress, HTML, CSS, WooCommerce, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, MailChimp, Adobe Photoshop, Corel […]