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I have, I post therefore I am! Hedonic consumption as a tool for self-promoting behavior on Social Network Platforms
Published in Studia UBB Ephemerides, vol. 63, issue no. 2, December 2018, p. 65-89

co-author: Lecturer PhD Meda Mucundorfeanu

Abstract: Research shows that people are associating themselves with material objects and places and use them in order to achieve a status. Because they are driven by needs of belonging and self-esteem, they want to be perceived in certain ways hence they manipulate their behavior accordingly. Individuals have always used media to gratify certain needs and the rise of social media has allowed them to extend these gratifications. Following the example of celebrities, many of them beginning to promote themselves on SNS.

The literature has not provided relevant data regarding the strategies used for self-promotion on the internet but media considers that self-disclosure and celebrity/brand/location affiliations are efficient tactics to be used if one wants to gain popularity on social media.

This paper is designed to collect and analyze information regarding what self-presentation strategies are being used on social media and how this is related with the buying behavior of users. Using a survey questionnaire, I gathered information about the way of living of the individuals and their online behavior.  The results show correlations between self-promoting behaviors on social media and needs for hedonic acquisitions.

The research confirmed my hypothesis providing arguments: individuals that practice self-promoting on SNS are more likely to make hedonic acquisitions than those who use social media for other gratifications.

Keywords: social network sites, self-praising, self-promoting, consumption, hedonic acquisitions, popularity, status, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter