Vicious injustice

It’s been a year since we had to end early our holiday in Hungary.

Being brutally attacked by mosquitos, we decided to return to Romania and spend the rest of the long weekend in nature, close to our home city. It was a hot day and we were impatient to chill the irritating itches of mosquito bites with a refreshing bath in the lake.

Soon after we arrived, the nature has unleashed violent wind, rain, lightning and thunder. We took shelter under a tarp, watching this mighty show, hoping trees will not fall on us.

After an hour or so, the storm has stopped and the sky cleared, allowing us to enjoy the rest of the evening by the fireplace, admiring the moon rise over the lake, sleeping under the stars and savouring the morning landscape with fog rising at sunrise.

We discovered this place a few years back. Fit for camping and with amazing views of the lake, we used to spend here almost all summer weekends. But those days are over. This special place we’ve adopted is no longer public domain, but a private land prepared for construction.

It is hard to put into words how we felt when confronted with this reality. The cocktail of frustration, sadness, anger and loathing was overwhelming. And still is, each time we think about it.

But we will forever have the memories of those great times. And this mix stands as a tribute for the peaceful nights spent in the hammock, by the lake.