While working for Transilvania Soft & Web design, besides the main tasks on communication strategy, content management and promotion, I had the opportunity to get involved in website evelopment.

For the company’s website, I had total freedom to create the website. From design to image processing, content creation, development, optimization, SEO and GDPR compliance.

Patologia.ro was a collaborative project. I was in charge with developing the website based on a design received from the client. GDPR compliance was also my responsibility.


Client:  Simona Stolnicu M.D., PhD

Industry: Healthcare

Duration: November – December 2019

Tasks: web development based on design template, content editing, SEO, GDPR.

Tools: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Google Search Console

Transilvania Soft & web design

Client:  Transilvania Soft & Webdesign

Industry: IT

Duration: March 2018

Tasks: web design, content creation, copywriting, image processing, web development, SEO, GDPR, analytics.

Tools: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw

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