Fearless and unstoppable but in need of information

When I think of pads ads, I recall a plot. I can’t remember the brand but it was like this: “women dressed in white clothes, walking on the street and using car/building windows as mirrors to check for stains”. Over the years, many ads for women hygiene products have these things in common: the “test” with the blue liquid, checking for stains, running/dancing in white (or other light colors) clothing, moving a lot during the night (in white pajamas/bed sheets).

Cora Lupas - Pad ads - Libresse

What has changed since the ’90?

Well, awareness regarding the normality of periods. Ads nowadays picture strong women not giving up on daily activities while on period (Always “Unstoppable“, Libresse “Live Fearless“). The latest campaign from Body Form (Libresse) “Blood normal” has gone further, showing realistic blood being poured onto a sanitary pad. What’s with the swimming scene in the video? Are they saying that it is ok to wear pads at the pool?

So far we know:
– blood is normal
– menstruation comes with red blood not blue liquid
– women are strong and they should be treated accordingly, even during periods
– women shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to talk about it

Still, education (on this topic) is needed.


Pads come in different types, designed to fit different body shapes and sizes and to provide protection for all types of period flows. That’s great! But how do I know which one is right for me? There are a lot of articles and videos about how to choose the right pads. Still, none from the brands that are producing/selling them.

After searching on Google, I found some guidelines:

– Always find your fit sizing quiz
– articles/ads that categorize pads by: size, flow, day/night and knicker size.
But which one suits me? What does it mean size 1, 2 or 4? What does it mean heavy or moderate flow? I need something to compare to. A moderate flow for me might be perceived as light by another women. I have to choose knicker size between small, medium and large. Sizes differ from one brand to another. I have small but also medium panties….

After navigating on Always’s website, things are getting more confusing. Why is the product “Always Infinity Size 3 Extra Heavy Flow Pads with Wings, Unscented” listed under “Light Flow“?

Cora Lupas - Pad ads - Always

Dear Always, Libresse and others, it’s time to really help women understand periods and make the right choice between your products:

There has to be more (and accurate) information on your website

For example:
– “if your size 2, daytime, moderate flow pad is filled after 3 hours you need a size 2, daytime, heavy flow pad”
– how flow may be influenced by daily activities, life-style, food and beverages. Do I need a different type of pads for running and others if I’m working at a desk for 8 hours?

Make your ads more creative, attractive and educational at the same time.

Always/Libresse pads have colorful individual wrapping. How about short spots picturing women doing various activities, in different moments of their life, dressed in the colors of the pads appropriate for that particular activity/moment?

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