I’m familiar with many industries. Field and online marketing, advertising, design, tourism, IT and HoReCa, I’ve tried them all.

I also loved each of them. Thus, during my work experience, I was involved in various campaigns.

Some of them had a greater impact on my personal and professional development. These are my favorites.

First there was the love for the music, outdoors and animals. Values and visions have emerged…. read more

Got myself tumbling through social accounts, ads, SEO and analytics. I found out I really enjoy it and… read more

Working at Croaziere.net as marketing specialist was challenging. I managed social media pages and blog… read more

I designed brochures & advertorials as part of a communication campaign for a traditional restaurant… read more

While regional manager at g7,  I coordinated team activity in 2015 and 2016, Cluj-Napoca and Constanta… read more

Getting a job as a teenager is not just about money and responsibilities. It’s about developing new skills and having fun!

I had the opportunity to talk about the importance of merchandising and solutions to streamline sales space… read more

This was one of the most challenging projects I managed since I was involved on each step of the project…  read more

During 6 months as merchandising controller at g7 , I coordinated the activity of IKA merchandisers… read more

An event that took place for 2 days in 2010 and gathered 18 sellers and hundreds of visitors… read more