There was the love for the music, outdoors and animals. Values and visions have emerged from the experiences lived, the connections with nature and living souls. Spirituality and creativity worked together to express the values in visual representations. The desire to promote the values and visions has given birth to the brand: Powered by DLOT.

Company: Powered by DLOT

Industry: arts, education & entertainment

Tasks: research, copywrite, design, communication strategy, storytelling

Tools: Corel Draw, AdobePhotoshop, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, MixCloud, Google Analytics, Facebook & Instagram Insights

powered by dlot - branding


DLOT™ is not about revolutionary activism and radical change. We understand that society evolved, so did human needs. Immediate and extreme change can be very scary and few are those who are willing to turn their life upside-down. A small action can have a great impact on everything around us and eventually will be reflected in the self. Everyone can achieve well-being while protecting the planet and without getting far from the comfort zone. We believe in a gradual transformation. We take reality as it is and try to move society towards a more sustainable future.


Our actions are powered by DLOT™

  • We sustain the cultural influence of music.
  • We promote love and acceptance for everyone and everything around us.
  • We advocate for environment friendly actions and products.
  • We support life as a continuous state of exploration and discovery of the self.

We are committed to a balanced life-style.

We aim for a life in which technology and nature combine and reach the equilibrium between progress and spirituality.

We promote experiences aimed at reminding people who they truly are and how much they need to connect with nature in order to achieve well-being.


  • Educating people on how to minimize the environmental impact without getting far from the comfort zone.
  • Spreading awareness about the benefits of spending time in nature
  • Promoting civic engagement

Economic activities:

  • Providing companies sustainable means of advertising
  • Promoting the naked brand
  • Creating campaigns meant to educate the consumer
  • Bringing companies closer to the community though social responsibility campaigns


Everything is made up of vibrations. The solar System, The Cosmos, subatomic matters, plants, animals, brain waves, DNA all have a certain frequency, a sound, including the human body and all its parts. Heart beating, pulse, breathing, they all have a rhythm. Dance is the expression of sound in time and movement, it’s the rhythm of life itself. Listen and follow the rhythm of the Universe. It will reveal the answers.

There are only two basic emotions that humans have: love and fear. Peace, joy, forgiveness, understanding, they all are deviations of Love. On the other hand, sadness, anxiety, fatigue, judgment, guilt and so on, exists because there is Fear.

The more one operates from fear, the more difficult it will be to move on and overcome failures. The void created will be filled with more desires, wants and greed.

Everyone and everything around us is directly related to how we feel and act. We are one.

Human beings are fundamentally interconnected with the Earth and with all its life forms. Our sanity is linked with the health of our environment.

Our ancestors respected and honored the Mother Earth which gave them life. They guided their actions with love, respecting and strengthening the nature around them. In return, Earth protected and sustained them.

We must respect Mother Nature and protect it, otherwise we will not survive as a species.

We all move together like a very precise symphony. Sound and music, rhythm and movement can heal the body and awaken higher consciousness. On our journey of life, we constantly find ourselves at a crossroads, having to choose between love and fear. Having chosen love doesn’t mean we will never fear again. It’s one’s ability to identify with the higher self and the Universe.

As we become aware that everything is connected, our experiences should be an integration of science and spirituality, of nature and the human soul. It’s then when everything in our lives can flow in harmony.