A beginner's

Guide to jump rope

You want to jump rope? Great!

Here’s what I think is important to know when starting your journey.

The essence of jump rope extends far beyond jumping.

It’s an expression, a heartbeat, a profound connection with my inner self and with those who share my passion. It’s about the stories we collectively embrace and the mutual support that makes this community thrive.

Who am I?

HI! I'm Cora

Over two decades of sidelining sports, with only occasional enjoyment from hikes and fitness classes. Cardio was never my thing—I actively avoided it.

What started as a simple cardio exercise blossomed into a journey of tricks and combos, coloring my life with vibrant strokes of positivity. Anxiety has faded, and self-esteem has soared. Jumping rope—a game-changer in my life’s narrative.

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