It is not about the logistics, nor that the local administrations don’t provide the means of waste collection. It’s about convenience, tradition and mentality. 

It’s been a year since we had to end early our holiday in Hungary. Being brutally attacked by mosquitos, we decided to return to Romania…

I was baptized as orthodox but I don’t believe in God. At least not in the Christian God. But my religious beliefs are not important in this case. This is about facts and civic values.

Why am I using social network sites? Have you ever asked yourself? Think of your favorite social media platform and answer the questions: Why and how do you use it? Who is your virtual self?

I’m passively consuming Facebook daily. I post a few times a month, mostly music, or photos with nature or my dog. Rarely, I share personal information.

When I think of pads ads, I recall a plot. A women dressed in white clothes, walking on the street and using car/building windows as mirrors to check for stains.