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Dress in colors – Event planning

Event: “Dress in colors”

Type: garage sale

Duration: June, 5-6, 2010

Location: Cluj-Napoca

This was my first experience of event planning. I managed to gain sponsorship for renting the location and printing the promotional materials and free media presence.

From designing identity and advertising elements to contacting sellers and advertising, space organization and administrative tasks, I was in charge of the entire event.

As the digital environment was still at it’s beginnings (Facebook just started to gain users and Instagram was not launched yet), people were relying on other type of media platforms (mostly news). By having entertainment media partners, such as 24-Fun and inoras.ro, I managed to reach a large segment of the public and generate hundreds of visitors at the event.

Other publications (Ziua de Cluj, Adevarul, Vin si Eu, Stiri de Cluj) and bloggers (Sigina) mentioned the event on their platforms.

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