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Heartfelt Endeavors
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April 2023 – present
April 2023 – present
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June 2020 – present
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February 2020 – present
Freelance hustle
  • web design & development
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  • data entry
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  • advertising
  • event organizer
  • business consultancy
  • project management
Agency Odyssey

February 2012 – June 2016

Guiding a team of 18 across 21 counties, I orchestrated merchandising and promotional endeavors for notable clients including Beiersdorf, Unilever, Kandia, Mondelez, Pepsi, Vodafone, Pierre Fabre, and more. My role involved analyzing business trends, developing compelling campaign proposals, managing crises, and ensuring seamless team coordination.

September 2011 – January 2012

After just two months as a Merchandising Controller, I transitioned seamlessly to the role of Area Coordinator, leading to a significant expansion of my responsibilities. Over a span of 5 months, I skillfully managed a team of supervisors, overseeing operations across 9 counties. This transition not only showcased my adaptability but also marked a period of accelerated professional growth and enhanced leadership capabilities.

July – August 2011

In charge of pivotal client accounts, Coca-Cola and Heineken, I expertly led a team of 25 members across three prominent supermarket retail chains, spanning two counties. My core responsibilities encompassed end-to-end management, including recruitment, training, supervision of personnel, and logistics coordination. Balancing the intricacies of client relations and team dynamics, I ensured seamless operations and optimal performance in a dynamic retail environment

Academic Journey
Published in Studia UBB Ephemerides, vol. 63, issue no. 2, December 2018, p. 65-89

This research investigates the link between self-presentation on social media and purchasing behavior. Focused on the desire for belonging and self-esteem, individuals strategically associate themselves with objects and locations to achieve a certain status.

Published in Communication Challenges in the Eve of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, p. 59-71, Cluj University Press UBB Cluj

This study represents an exploratory experiment designed to assess the efficacy of self-promotion strategies on Facebook. The primary objective is to investigate whether the level of self-disclosure has a discernible impact on audience engagement.